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What You Need to Know About the Link Between Alcohol and Cancer

What You Need to Know About the Link Between Alcohol and Cancer

Health experts have warned people for years about the dangers of drinking too much alcohol. However, there is dispute about drinking limited quantities of alcohol and its effect on the body. Now, alcohol is being looked into for a link to the development of cancer. Find out what you need to be aware of when it comes to the link between alcohol and cancer.

Why it Matters

The link between alcohol and cancer is concerned about cancers of the bowel, breast, liver, mouth, throat, esophagus, and stomach. Reports have come out which discuss convincing evidence that drinking too much can have an impact on these parts of the body and also may be responsible for lung, pancreas, and skin cancers.  Even small amounts of alcohol have been linked to a slightly increased risk of some cancers. There is no level of consumption which demonstrates no increased risk of some cancers. Limited alcohol consumption is best for cancer prevention, along with other issues that may arise.

Health Benefits

There have been reports in the past that focused on the health benefits of having a little bit of wine here or there and smaller quantities of alcohol. Evidence has not shown that the benefits outweigh the risks. Not only can alcoholic drinks increase the risk of cancer, there is possible evidence to suggestion it may lead to addiction, dependence, tolerance, and eventual harm to a person’s life and not just their body. When it comes to nutrition, alcohol offers no value and may in fact impair nutrition by replacing needed calories and filling up a person’s body with toxins rather than healthy nutrients.

When it comes to the benefits and risks of drinking alcohol, the risks are greater than the reward. There is little evidence to suggest a person will be healthier for having drank more alcohol. In order for people to be healthy and minimize weight gain, it is suggested they limit consumption of sugary drinks, fast food, processed food, and alcohol which can be high in sugar. It may also block other nutrients from entering the body, depriving it of much needed healthy nutrients vital to sustain a healthy mind and body.

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