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What to Expect When You Get to Treatment

Whether you’ve been mandated by a court to seek treatment for your addiction, have been urged by your employer, close friends or family, or have decided to do so on your own, you are about to begin a life-changing course of action. Entering treatment is among the best gifts you will ever receive.

Your first step might be admittance to an inpatient detox unit at a treatment center. You’ll be expected to follow many rules during your stay, all of which are designed for the safety and wellbeing of you and your fellow patients.

Your treatment center may send a van or car to pick you up at home on the morning of your arrival; you may share the ride with others who are heading to treatment with you. You will be discouraged from bringing your own car to the facility, but if you do, an administrator will hold your keys during your stay. Patients generally are not permitted to leave the grounds, except in cases of dire emergency, when a leave of absence may be granted.

After you check in at the facility, a staffer will do an intake assessment, and a nurse will perform a physical exam. In addition to checking your pulse, blood pressure, temperature and a number of other routine screenings, you’ll be tested for communicable diseases such as tuberculosis. This is necessary because you’ll be living in a dormitory environment during your stay. Some treatment centers will have you meet with a psychiatrist for a bio-psych-social evaluation

You’ll be shown to your room and introduced to your roommates, some of whom may already have been at the facility for a couple of days or weeks. Most facilities have separate wings for men and women, as well as separate wings for adolescents, if an adolescent program is provided by the facility.

Soon after your arrival, your belongings will be searched for drugs, alcohol, and, in many states, cigarettes, in addition to items which could be used for self-harm. If they are found, these items will be confiscated and destroyed. If you smoke, you’ll be offered nicotine gum or patches during your stay. Any prescription medications you take must be disclosed during your intake and physical exam, and must be brought to the facility in their original pharmacy containers. These will be taken from you and logged in at the dispensary, where you’ll receive them exactly as prescribed by the onsite physician. All prescriptions will be managed and handled by the nursing staff.

Once the preliminaries are taken care of, you’ll meet your counselor, and then begin your treatment! You’ll meet other men and women who also suffer from addiction, and together, you’ll learn about a new way of life without drugs or alcohol. Remember: You are not alone!

Start your journey to treatment and recovery today by making the best choice for detox. Call The Serenity Recovery Center today for information on our clinical private detox at the Encino Hospital Medical Center: 866.294.9401