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What to Do About Shape-Shifting Addiction That Flies Below the Radar

What to Do About Shape-Shifting Addiction That Flies Below the Radar

A popular misconception people have is that to choose one drug, one compulsion, or vice for life, is not a bad thing. Until they end up on the doorstep of recovery. People find what works for a moment then realize it is not working. This is called a ‘below-the-radar’ addiction. Find out why this matters and how to stop flying low and seek help.

Going Low to Get High

Similar to how a high-functioning addiction works, a person who flies below-the-radar with addiction often has a problem overlooked by friends, family, and coworkers while a serious problem is ongoing. This person jumps from compulsion to compulsion only getting things sort of under control. One compulsive behavior can morph quickly into the next, sometimes called cross-addiction or addiction transfer as the cycle continues because the underlying issues are unaddressed.

The Ultimate Shapeshifter

If you are struggling with addiction, it encompasses not only drugs and alcohol but also compulsive behavior such as gambling, eating disorders, sex, work, and spending habits. If your brain is wired for addiction, vigilance is required with every potentially addictive substance or behavior. Even if you only struggled in the past, other mood-altering substances can awaken the addiction that is sleeping under all the layers. Years after entering recovery, it may take one slip to relapse and end up worse than when you started. People in recovery may find themselves in a chronic relapse cycle with no trigger point but discover that other addictions are fueling return to drugs or alcohol.

Ending Addiction

Once you’ve struggled with one addiction, you are at greater risk for developing another. Addiction is not curable, it is a lifelong affliction but one that can be controlled and managed. Even if you’re in recovery, you need a strong community, supportive people in your life, and a sense of yourself that focuses on how you can live life clean and sober. Lasting change will only happen when you focus on all your personal issues and seek help.

So many things can trigger a return to addiction but you are more likely to relapse without support. At Serenity we focus on helping you find the support you need to recover and heal from addiction with the tools and resources to continue staying sober in the future.  Call us 24/7 at our toll-free number: 866-294-9401