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What Shouldn’t I Say to Someone Going Through Withdrawals?

If you have never experienced withdrawal from drugs or alcohol, it is impossible to fully understand what it is like. This goes for many experiences in life; if you haven’t gone through childbirth, it’s impossible to put yourself into the shoes of someone that has. It is for this reason, that you should never negate the feelings of someone who is going through what could be an extremely difficult experience.

Withdrawal from drugs and alcohol can feel like a slow death. When the chemicals are removed, our bodies and minds are going through a traumatic transition, and it is anything but comfortable or easy. Saying things like, “It can’t be that bad,” or “Suck it up,” and “You did this to yourself,” are unnecessary and won’t make anything better for you or the person going through the pain of withdrawal.

Thinking in terms of being supportive can go a long way for both of you. Open communication is important; you may just want to ask the person what you can or cannot do for him or her. Sometimes, just having someone around or on the other end of the phone is all anyone wants. There really isn’t a whole lot you can say to make the situation any better. Withdrawal isn’t easy, but it does end. Offering your support, letting the person know how proud you are of them, and reassuring them that they will get through this, is priceless.

Achieving sobriety is nearly impossible to do alone, and maintaining sobriety is even harder. The more support people have in their decision to get clean and sober, the higher their success rate. The power of listening is underestimated, and having someone who cares is a large component of an addict or alcoholic’s support system. Though addicts and alcoholics may not seem fearful, fear is an encompassing commonality with most us. When we are going through early recovery, we are full of fear, and having someone listen without judgment can be life-saving.

If your loved one is considering going into detox, we can help. We are here for you, too.  Sobriety is a lifelong journey that is walked together, and we want to set you and your loved one up for success. Addiction is a family disease and no one has to go through this alone. Call us today for a better life tomorrow.

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