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What Should I Know About Acupuncture Treatment for Addiction?

What Should I Know About Acupuncture Treatment for Addiction?

Acupuncture treatment is supposed to heal numerous conditions including cancer, depression, and more. When it comes to addiction treatment, needles seem to get a bad rap because of their association with drug use. These are needles of a different kind, ones that provide healing which comes from an ancient practice of holistic medicine.

Holistic Treatment

Holistic addiction treatment methods are usually those that originate outside of Western medicine. Even if they are all the rage now, they’ve been around for centuries before. They can provide real support and help for those struggling with early recovery from addiction. When it comes to acupuncture, it doesn’t really matter where you place the needles, in terms of addiction. When it comes to treatment of cocaine addiction, for instance, it can be hard to convince a person who has struggled with addiction that uses needles to let someone else put needles in them saying it will be beneficial. The likelihood of it working goes way down.

Treating Addiction Comprehensively

Many people think the use of acupuncture to treat addiction is done by itself, when, in fact, it is typically done in conjunction with other types of treatment including counseling and medication. There needs to be more studies done about the effectiveness of acupuncture for certain types of addiction because results have varied over the years. There are skeptics who believe it does not work because the people who are participating have been years long users of drugs, which is very hard to treat given myriad conditions which arise.

Look Before You Leap

Acupuncture may or may not work for some people, but it is worth trying it on the whole. If you look at the bigger picture of addiction treatment, there is something for everyone out there who is wrestling with how best to treat addiction for themselves. Not all treatments will work for all people all of the time. It may be disappointing for some, but it is part of the risk of trying alternative treatment to find something that does work. Massage, sound healing, yoga, and other practices are all great in theory but only work if they are right for you. It is a kind of try-before-you-buy scenario where it it makes more sense to give it a go, then if it doesn’t work, move onto the next thing. Addiction recovery is a journey anyways, so what doesn’t work now or make sense, may make perfect sense down the road. Just look before you leap and be open to trying new experiences. You may just find something that works and makes you feel awesome in the process.

Serenity believes in the power of holistic medicine to help heal from addiction. However, that does not mean it is right or perfect for everyone. Each person is on an individual journey of recovery from addiction. When you come to Serenity, you will experience an individualized program tailored to suit your personal needs. Whether it’s acupuncture, massage, or something else, we will help you find what you need. Call us 24/7 at our toll-free number: 866-294-9401