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What Makes the Rest of Recovery Worth the Detox?

Detox can be difficult. Some people have a relatively painless detox but for some people it can be an ordeal. You may feel sick, achy, anxious, irritable, disoriented and depressed. You may feel like it will never end.

Eventually, it will end and every dark thought you had in the throes of withdrawal will seem over exaggerated in the calmer waters of treatment. You may wonder why you put off detoxing for so long.

It’s no mystery why people put off detox. It’s far more daunting in anticipation than in hindsight. You may know people who had a particularly rough time. Maybe they tried to detox at home, endured three or four excruciating days, then relapsed anyway. No one wants to go through all of that only to fail.

There are several problems with that kind of thinking. First and foremost, it discounts the pain you and your family will endure throughout the rest of your life if you don’t treat your addiction. That is, it may be true that spending spending the next week in detox will be more painful than spending the next week using, but it won’t be more painful than spending the rest of your life using.

You may argue that you don’t intend to spend the rest of your life using, but quitting will always require detox, whether you quit today or a year from now. The only difference is that in a year it will be harder.

The second problem with avoiding detox because you fear pain and failure is that you may assume you will feel pretty much the same after treatment as you do now, only without the addiction. In fact, you may assume you will feel worse because the drug was your only source of pleasure and it will be gone.

These assumptions are not accurate. You may feel worse for a while, but that will eventually go away. In treatment, you will learn to examine your thinking and your life and figure out what isn’t working. You will learn ways to become healthier and have better relationships. You will discover what led to your addiction in the first place and find ways to take more control over your life.

All of these efforts will help you improve the quality of your life, but you have to go through detox first. Once you’re on the road to recovery, you will find that little by little, week by week, you life will slowly get better, whereas if you avoid detox out of fear then your life may quickly get worse.

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