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What Makes an Alcoholic Drink?

If you ask an alcoholic this question, she may look at you as if you asked why a dolphin comes up for air. Alcoholics drink because it is second nature to us, and it’s just what we do. The disease of alcoholism is an incurable one, and our brains are trying to kill us on a daily basis by quietly urging us to drink. Though there is no cure, it is treatable and millions of alcoholics have been able to quiet the disease and remain abstinent.

There are several theories as to why alcoholics drink. It could be that someone is genetically predisposed to drink alcoholically. Or, after starting drinking at an early age, a person’s neurological development was altered and addiction was inevitable. It could also be that an individual drank heavily enough that an invisible line was crossed. There’s no absolute on why we do what we do, the only absolute is that once an alcoholic takes a drink, she can’t just stop.

One of the most tragic parts of alcoholism is that we drink even when we don’t want to. That’s our powerlessness over this disease. No matter how much an alcoholic doesn’t want to take another drink, and no matter how much the drink has destroyed his life, he has no control over the next one passing his lips. Without help, stopping drinking is too much for him.

The more intriguing question to ask, is “What makes an alcoholic not drink?” An alcoholic not drinking is an unnatural occurrence, yet millions have been able to put the drink down. How this is even possible is truly remarkable. When you think of “reasons” why someone might drink, you may come up with several. For alcoholics, a reason isn’t needed. What is needed though, is faith in something greater than oneself to get through just one day without drinking.

Detox is what can help an alcoholic physically put down the drink, and treatment can prepare her to not pick the drink up again. If you are struggling to put the drink down, we can help. There is no better time to begin your new life than today. Give us a call, recovery is possible, and we will be by your side every step of the way.

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