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What it Means to “Trust the Process”

One of the last things you may want to hear when you’re trying to get sober is someone telling you to just “trust the process.” What does this even mean? How can anyone expect you to trust something you don’t understand? Well, that is basically what trusting the process means: To have faith in what cannot be seen, nor needing to know how or why something is unfolding.

When you go into treatment, you are already trusting the process to some degree. Many of us who have been in your shoes felt a sense of relief after walking through the center’s doors. It was as if we knew that this was where we were supposed to be; even if we didn’t really want to be there, we knew it was where we belonged. This could have been our first real leap of faith toward something spiritual. Knowing we were doing something good for ourselves, yet believing that we would be taken care of, no matter what happened.

Treatment offers us a sense of safety and comfort when we are embarking on this foreign journey into uncharted waters. Many staff members are in recovery themselves, and they’ve been where you are right now. Though they may not look like it on the outside, they know the pain of addiction, and they also know the way out.

Trust of anyone or anything is often extinguished in active addiction. People don’t trust us, and we don’t trust them. When we move into recovery, there is a shift of consciousness that allows us to begin seeing the good in people. Not surprisingly, people begin seeing the good in us, too, even if we don’t readily see it in ourselves. With time and faith in our sobriety, and with the help of others, we heal. Suddenly, we are full of gratitude, because we made that leap of faith by trusting the process. We let go, and we began living.

Your addict/alcoholic mind is fighting its hardest to keep you from getting help because it wants to kill you. It’s a disease, and its purpose is to harm everyone who loves you, take away everything that mattered to you, and leave you six feet under when all is said and done. You don’t have to let the disease win. When you make the decision to go into treatment, trust that you are in safe hands. Know that what you are doing, will be worth it. Believe in yourself, and trust the process. You can beat this disease.

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