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What is Adderall Dependence and Treatment?

What is Adderall Dependence and Treatment?

Adderall is a Schedule II drug which has a high potential for abuse and dependence. Adderall is used to treat individuals diagnosed with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD, as well as other disorders.  It helps to understand dependency and tolerance to Adderall in order to better understand addiction to the drug.

Dependency and Tolerance

It is possible to develop a dependency for Adderall, especially if large doses have been taken for an extended period of time. Even if the drug was used only a short time, the body may be accustomed to it. Dependency means the body has become accustomed to having the drug delivered each day and expects the chemicals to be made without help from the body. When it is stopped, the drug is removed from the system. Adderall tolerance may also occur when a person takes the drug for a period of time and needs to increase the dose to feel the same effects.

Dependence on Adderall

When Adderall dependence occurs, it is because the body relies on the delivery of the drug into the system to function. Physical dependence is caused in this way, also, which can have serious consequences. Adderall, and other stimulants, can cause the body to create dopamine. This causes the rise of chemicals in the brain which may lead to dependency. When the drug is taken away, side effects and withdrawal may occur. It is difficult but not impossible to disrupt the pattern in the brain so that the brain no longer thinks it needs the drug to continue moving forward.

Side Effects

A prescription stimulant, Adderall can cause a number of side effects to occur within the body. The body temperature may rise, increasing blood pressure, heart rate, and a decrease in appetite or sleep. Other side effects can include dry mouth, headaches, and insomnia. Other effects include:

  • Irritability
  • Depression
  • Exhaustion
  • Hostility or paranoia
  • Cardiovascular issues long term
  • Strokes

Treatment for Addiction

When someone develops a dependency on an addictive drug, detox is often taken as the first step towards sobriety. The basic goal is to cleanse the body of the drug to allow healing to begin. Withdrawal from Adderall can include a number of issues including crankiness, extreme hunger,depression, panic attacks, tiredness, and other symptoms. Withdrawal from Adderall may cause a binge crash where the body does not sleep for days and then follows it up with an extensive amount of sleep. Treatment, care, and withdrawal should be monitored by a doctor for personal safety and security.

Adderall addiction is serious. It can also have severe health consequences if you are not monitored by professionals. Serenity has professionals who understand Adderall addiction and withdrawal. We are here to help you get through withdrawal successfully and recover from addiction to Adderall or other substances. Call us 24/7 at our toll-free number to find out how to get started: 866-294-9401