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What is a Teetotaler and How Does it Help My Recovery?

What is a Teetotaler and How Does it Help My Recovery?

A teetotaler is someone who has vowed to completely give up all alcohol and substances in recovery. Society stigmatizes people who have addiction while at the same time seems to glamorize drinking, telling everyone how fun it is to go ‘out on the town. The moment a teen turns 21, they can drink legally, usually followed by some celebration with imbibements. There are a lot of reasons being a teetotaler is important in recovery to help maintain sobriety and peace of mind.

Team Teetotaler

Teetotaler is an old British term referring to someone who does not drink, but it is an interesting way of almost rebranding recovery. While some may be fine referring to themselves as ‘recovered,’ ‘in recovery,’ or ‘sober,’ there may be others who are struggling to own their space in this new world and feel like being a ‘teetotaler’ sounds like being part of a club, a place to belong. There may be others who say the word is stigmatizing in itself because it just begs people to ask more questions and pry into someone’s life. Really, end of the day, it does not matter what other people have to say about another person’s recovery. It is a personal thing, and what label they choose to call it (sober, recovery, teetotaling) is totally up to them.

Social Space

Everyone wants to be part of a community of sorts, to feel like they belong somewhere. The idea of ‘social proof’ means when people see someone else doing something, they tend to want to do it, too. There is a cause and effect on social media these days where people will do something just because someone else did it (ice bucket challenges, dabbing, etc). Social proof is like a societal glue that holds people together. We want to join the movement, the community, the moving train of optimism wherever we can so we give ourselves a name that helps us identify with a tribe. More than that, it helps us identify with ourselves and how we see ourselves in our own skin.

Personal Empowerment

When you are in recovery, you need community to keep you honest, accountable, and moving forward with your personal goals.  Feeling empowered looks different for people, depending on where they come from in their experiences. Everyone has a different story and feels empowered by different things. Really, it all comes down to making choices that reflect who you are, where you’ve come from, and where you are going. When you show up as your real self, you don’t feel the need to be anyone else. Whether it’s a teetotaler, someone who is sober, or in recovery, you can feel free to be who and that is all you need.

Whatever you decide to call yourself, being in recovery is one of the best (hardest) choices of your life. That is why we walk alongside you to help make the tough decisions along the way that will cement your recovery for a long time to come. We will help you stay clean and sober so you feel empowered to make better choices. Call us 24/7 at our toll-free number: 866-294-9401