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What is a Creativity Complex?

What is a Creativity Complex?

Whether it is strumming out a melody on a musical instrument, singing, incorporating colors, or capturing a moment on screen, there are thousands of creative people trying to get sober. We often think it is common that using alcohol and drugs enhances the creative process. Addiction does not discriminate against anyone. Many artists who become addicted rely on substances to create, so that the person using substances believes that is the only way they can be creative. This is another lie in a series of lies addiction tells people about themselves.

Smash the Myth

Part of the misconception people have about being creative is that is has to do with the pleasure center of the brain impacted by the substances. Perhaps making one falsely believe they are more creative. There is a great deal of research into the impact of drgs on the neurotransmitter dopamine and its relationship to making people pay attention to increase interest.

Right-Brain Thinkers

If a person is right-brained in thinking, there is evidence to suggest there are myriad creative benefits in sobriety. Artists like Eminem, Dave Buckner, and others teach people creativity and success often grow when the use of drugs goes out the window. Sobriety can often boost creativity and potential a person never knew they had and was, in fact, being masked by the use of drugs and alcohol. For a person who creates for a living, the process is crucial to their life. The fear of losing creativity can cause worry, apprehension, and hesitation to getting sober. It can prevent them from getting help for addiction.

Getting Unstuck

When a person is stuck in addiction, they may be worried about sobriety and the concept that they will lose their niche or will wither away from lack of crazy antics and using substances. Getting creative juices flowing just takes some getting unstuck to get past the substances into creative flow:

  • Visit new places, pursue other interests, and find better inspiration in sobriety
  • Get a journal started that focuses on creating space where you write down artistic ideas or thoughts that come into your head all day. Set aside time to create where you won’t be interrupted.
  • Notice improved thought process. Drugs and alcohol impact cognitive functioning and distort thoughts. After a few months in recovery, a person will begin to have more clarity. Notice thoughts as they appear and notice stable moods and increased motivation.
  • Self belief is so important to moving forward. Keep believing you can do it and you will begin to succeed with patience and time.

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