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What If I Can’t Stop Using?

If you know what it’s like to come to in the morning, swearing that you’ll never drink or use again, only to find yourself taking a slug of vodka, popping another pill, shooting another dose, or snorting another line, you are just like millions of us with the disease of addiction. No matter how hard we’ve tried to stop, how much shame and guilt we feel day in and day out, we keep finding ourselves powerless and without a defense against drugs and alcohol. When we’re in the throes of addiction, what we don’t know is that we cannot fight the disease alone.

The sooner you get honest with yourself that you too, cannot do this alone, the sooner you can heal. Once you admit that you have a problem and you need help, the rest falls into place. You can hate the disease and what it forces you to do, but if you don’t take action to stop it in its tracks, it will only get worse. The feelings you have towards it and yourself will keep you sick, and you will keep killing yourself slowly, even when you don’t want to.

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, you don’t ever have to feel this way again. If it feels as though you have an invisible gun to your head every time you pick up, it can stop. In active addiction, you don’t have choice. You cannot choose to just stop. That’s not how the disease works. If you could just say no, and move on with your day, addiction probably wouldn’t exist. A deadly disease needs treatment, that’s the short and tall of it.

If you want to stop drinking and using, but no matter what you do, you can’t stop, we can help. Your life is on the line, and you are too important to let the disease win. Give us a call; we can safely and comfortably taper you off the drugs and/or alcohol. Once they’re out of your system, we will show you how to live a long, happy life without the chemicals that have caused you so much pain. Don’t put your happiness on hold any longer. Give us a call, your recovery can begin today.

Detox is a beginning and an end. As the beginning of a new life in recovery and the end of an era of pain caused by addiction, making the choice to attend clinical detox needn’t be a complicated one. The Serenity Recovery Center at the Encino Hospital Medical Center offers safe and comfortable residential detox with modern amenities and an environment that feels like home. Start the process today. Call us at: 866.294.9401