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What if I Can’t Stop Apologizing for Being Myself?

What if I Can’t Stop Apologizing for Being Myself?

One of the most painful experiences is to witness a loved one or friend apologize for being who they are (or who they are not). There is nothing harder for you to witness in someone else the ability to put themselves in a tiny box and stay there. What you want to do instead is get to a place where you honor yourself, your path, and all of who you are regardless of how you got here. Learn some ways to do this to let go of the shame and blame of apologizing for being yourself.


When you think about the messages you take in on a daily basis, maybe you find some of these to be true to how you speak to yourself (or feel others speak about you):

  • Don’t take up too much space
  • Don’t be too loud or the center of attention
  • Don’t get too far ahead of everyone else
  • Find a job that does (this) instead of what you really love

Many other messages pass through our consciousness on a daily basis, but they are usually old tapes from when we were growing up. They are generally unhelpful and shaming, a way to keep us in our place rather than support our growth and healing. After enough decades of this messaging, you have integrated it into your self belief and now think this is who you are rather than who you were created to be on this earth.

Step Into Truth

If you have trouble living your life in a way that honors who you are and you find yourself apologizing for who you are to everyone, it is time to change. Stepping into your truth and power can be achieved through conscious effort and practice. Over time, you can learn how to see through the illusion and shed layers that no longer serve you. How to do this:

  • Stop apologizing
  • Practice self acceptance
  • Find a meditation practice to quiet your mind
  • Give yoga a try
  • Find a qualified therapist to support your healing journey
  • Find supportive friends who affirm you and who you are now

There are many ways to get past the challenge of apologizing for who you are as a person. It is very hard to challenge old behaviors and thought patterns without the right support. The key is to mentally make a shift in how you see yourself and adopt the right perspective. This will help you focus on who you are, and what you have to offer the world, so you can move forward in a healthy way in sobriety.

Building healthy relationships starts with ourselves. Negative and toxic inner dialogue only serves to keep us pinned down to where we are now rather than moving forward in life. If you are ready to quit drugs and alcohol and get on the sobriety train, we are here to help. We will provide support for discovering how to honor your true self and stop apologizing for who you are and where you’ve been. Call us 24/7 at our toll-free number: 866-294-9401