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What Does Victory Look Like in Recovery?

What Does Victory Look Like in Recovery?

In order to move forward in recovery, there is a lot of letting go that happens. It is hard to become victorious if you are holding on to the past. Moving from victim to victor is the best way forward but sometimes it is harder than it looks.

Taking Responsibility

Victims blame problems on other people. Victors step up to create successes in spite of their problems. Victims choose to see the negative in every situation; victors see the positive. Although mental health issues are not the fault of the people who suffer, the onus is on them to take personal responsibility to seek help for personal problems. Recovery can be a gift but it has to be opened to be realized. The victim mode may feel tempting after all that time entrenched in it but it is okay to be reminded also not taking responsibility for yourself landed you in the spot you’re in so there is something to taking responsibility for what you can control right now.

Set Your Mind Right

No matter what addiction took from you, you can still choose to remain the victor. A life free from addiction is a choice, one that starts with a small step that is taken over and over again once you are in recovery. Every day sober is a new day. Everyday clean is another day to begin again. It is worth every bit of sweat and tears mixed in with determination. Our minds have to be sharpened and renewed over and over again until the mind is not focused on being a victim but a victor.

Small Changes

Every day is a chance to make a new change and set things right. When you are able to take control of your life, you see things from a new perspective and can finally feel like you’re set free from being a victim. This is no small task to make small changes necessary to move forward in life but if you start with little steps you are more likely to move forward than trying to make big leaps all at once. There is nothing saying you cannot move forward inch by inch. Focusing on bigger changes ahead takes little leaps of faith here and now to get you there in the journey of recovery.

Recovery is a pathway, a choice that you make in life to go down a road that will bring you peace and reconcile the old ways with new. If you are ready to take that leap of faith, there are places that will support the journey with programs and resources. A community of supportive friends and family is the best way to recover from addiction and become a victor over your circumstances.

There are big steps and little steps in the journey of recovery. To take the first big step is hard but worth it. We will be with you every step of the way forward. Whatever you need, will do our best to provide the programs and resources you need to thrive. Call us 24/7 at our toll-free number: 866-294-9401