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What Does Love Have to Do With Addiction Treatment?

What Does Love Have to Do With Addiction Treatment?

When a loved one struggles with substance use, it is not uncommon to hear advice which goes against the desire to love unconditionally. We don’t have to love a behavior but we should never stop offering love to someone who is struggling. There are boundaries that may need to be set, but that is part of the process of loving someone with addiction.

Finding New Ways

When parents find new ways to engage a child in loving, positive ways, it can be very healthy and affirming. A partners or spouse who can support their loved one can also be kind and supportive, yet firm, when addressing the challenges of addiction. Parents and loved ones’ love alone is not enough to treat addiction, but it can make a huge difference.

The Right Help

A supportive loved one will always want to do what is best. This does not mean go and do things for that person which leads to enabling behavior. The other person still needs to pay their own bills, learn to be an adult, and stop using other people as an excuse to stay addicted to drugs or alcohol. The right kind of help can make a huge difference, but is not an easy task. Finding help can include:

  • Search for treatment centers
  • Researching addiction
  • Contacting an intervention specialist

When you are ready to take the next step to help a loved one, you will be able to say you found what may help them without doing the work for them. They have to actually make the decision to seek help, but you can gently nudge or push that person towards the right decision (if they are ready).

Different Kind of Love

Loving someone through addiction requires a different kind of love. It requires strength, focus, determination, and a balanced approach. A stronger love and bond can emerge as a result. Just because you love someone does not mean you did something wrong or didn’t love them enough. Learn to let go of expectations of how to love someone through their difficult journey and accept that they have to make some decisions on their own but you can stand by and support them as they do.

Loving someone enough to ask them to get help for addiction is not an easy thing. We want to help you support a loved one with the best treatment options available. We provide a secure, safe, and loving space to create a place of healing for your loved one. If they need help fighting addiction, call us. We are here 24/7, ready to support you: 844-339-6964