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What Does it Mean to Step Out in Faith and Courage?

What Does it Mean to Step Out in Faith and Courage?

Being newly sober can be challenging, with so many new roads that can open up ahead. For years, or decades, the old tools that were used to navigate life are no longer as relevant. To live in the unrelenting world sober can be daunting. The short answer to how it works is faith, with a bit of courage, and then more faith. Witnessing how this works in the rearview is much easier than stepping into it to begin with. Learn more about how to step out in faith and courage.

The Sober Adventure

Going out into the wilderness of sober living is not for the faint of heart. It takes courage to take the first step in recovery, but faith to continue the journey into recovery and beyond. Everyday is a new adventure, seeking new ways to keep moving forward, even in the midst of life’s challenges. While taking risks, it is important to be calculated, but not so much that you don’t venture out into new ways, ideas, and pathways of getting you to a larger goal. Taking things step-by-step is important, but not as important as taking moments to be thankful for being on this adventure.

Living into Gratitude

Stepping out in faith and courage requires gratitude. The brain will insist that what you want to do will not work, and you should stop trying, but your inner spirit will resolve to act of its own will. This whisper about stepping out in faith is worth paying attention to every step of the journey. Following the sponsors, friends, and others who are companions for your journey can help but if you are not practicing gratitude, your journey may not feel as meaningful. It can even lead to relapse because you are focusing mostly on your own power, control, and ability rather than acknowledging how much others helped along the journey.

The healing journey of addiction recovery lies in knowing that you are not alone. Every step of the way, people will be there to partner with you, no matter what. Faith can help you step out, courage will keep you moving, and friends and loved ones will continue to be there through the ups and downs to offer encouragement. Gratitude is the icing on the cake, in that it helps you see through a different lens that does not focus on your own achievements, but the spiritual journey that ultimately defines recovery, however it looks for you.

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