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What Do Brain Patterns Have to Do with Addiction and Sobriety?

What Do Brain Patterns Have to Do with Addiction and Sobriety?

When you are struggling to stay clean and sober, you may become more aware of how you think and what you feel. As you wrestle with those feelings, you begin to notice what comes up and it is a matter of learning how to deal with it that will determine how you handle recovery. A holistic life in recovery is about mindfulness, that invaluable tool that can help you keep control of your life by becoming aware of what you need in the moment.

Train Your Brain

Imagine experiencing a thought craving, or recognizing it and being able to redirect it away. The power you have is right in your fingertips to practice mindfulness everyday. The brain is a huge factor in addiction. When you harness its power, you begin to realize how much you can support your recovery with a more holistic approach.

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation involves recognizing the swirl of thoughts in your mind and calming them. You don’t need to prevent thoughts or get mad at yourself for having them. You need to recognize their presence and gain insight and awareness into them. As this happens, you gain more clarity and will be better prepared to make decisions on maintaining sobriety.

Practicing Non Judgement

The beauty of mindfulness is that there is no right or wrong in how you do it or what you aim to accomplish. It is about embracing all you have to offer, including the traits you may be not so proud of.

Live in the Present

At the heart of mindfulness is a focus on the present moment and how you are feeling. Keep yourself from dwelling on the past by staying focused on the present. This focus will help you better be able to recognize when you may be trending towards a relapse and backtrack more quickly.

Moving Meditation

Meditation doesn’t have to be seated quietly in your thoughts. If you have lots of energy, you can move around in nature, go for a walk, and even try unifying your body and mind in sobriety.

Breath work also helps this with traditional meditation by focusing on how you breathe and doing it with more intention. This can help ease your anxiety and focus on calming your brain in recovery.

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