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What “Cleaning Your Side Of The Street” Means

Keeping your side of the street clean is an important practice in recovery. What it means, is that you need to do what’s right, regardless of what other people are doing or what they have done to you. If you did something wrong, own up to it, make an amends, and move on. If someone has hurt you, don’t be a doormat, but also don’t dwell on it. Humans make mistakes, and when someone is hurtful to others, it is often because they are hurting on the inside. You need to learn how to communicate your hurt and not harbor a resentment. When you make the effort to talk about it, you are going the extra mile to keep your side of the street clean.

It is helpful to be able to bounce issues and relationship problems off with a sponsor, trusted friend, or therapist. Sometimes, we don’t fully see our part in situations and an extra set of eyes and ears can help us sort out problems we may encounter. There is a caveat to keeping your side of the street clean. In certain instances, some people have been 100% innocent victims to the acts of others. In cases of child abuse, rape, abuse, and other crimes, it is a good idea to seek the help of a trauma specialist. Therapy in these instances is invaluable and highly encouraged.

Another way to do some street sweeping, is to always tell the truth. Dishonesty in recovery can prove to be a fatal trend. Many an addict an alcoholic have relapsed because they could not tell the truth. Keep in mind that the truth is something you don’t have to remember. No matter how difficult it may be, don’t lie. Lying will keeps you in the negative headspace which encourages your addiction, and you can’t afford this illness. If your side of the street is clean, you will sleep easily at night. When something is nagging at you and you just don’t feel good about it, take action. The more you practice, the easier it becomes. Keep doing the next right thing, and let others worry about their own side of the street.





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