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What Can I Expect in the First 24 Hours of Detox?

Detox is usually the most physically difficult part of recovery. Your body, over the course of months or years has become dependent on some foreign substance. When you take that substance away, your entire physiology becomes unbalanced and your body has to compensate for a huge change in a matter of days.

Your specific withdrawal symptoms will depend to some extent on what drugs you have been using and how long you have been using them. For alcohol, the first 24 hours of sobriety might include agitation, anxiety, shaking, nausea, disorientation, and seizures. After that, it might even get worse, with high fever and hallucinations. Some people have a much milder experience. Everyone is different.

What symptoms you experience within the first 24 hours also depends on how short-acting the drug is. Heroin, for example, is relatively short-acting and you may start experiencing withdrawal symptoms in a matter of a few hours. Other opioid painkillers are longer-lasting and you may not have symptoms for days.

Opioid withdrawal might include some of the same symptoms of alcohol withdrawal, such as agitation, anxiety, and shaking. Additional symptoms might include aching in the muscles and bones, increased sensitivity to pain, insomnia, watery eyes and runny nose. Opioid affect your pain perception and the early stages will require your brain to relearn the difference between normal sensations and pain.

Cocaine and other stimulants may have different withdrawal symptoms. You may experience depression, suicidal thoughts, fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, and paranoia. Cocaine works directly on your dopamine system and when the drug is suddenly absent, you become tired and everything seems awful. Cocaine is also a short-acting drug and so you will likely feel withdrawal symptoms in a matter of hours.

No matter the drug, withdrawal can be painful and even if you want to quit using, you may relapse just to make the symptoms stop. Checking into a detox clinic is perhaps the surest way to fight the temptation to relapse. A clinic provides oversight 24 hours a day until detox is complete.

In addition to committing yourself to a complete detox, a clinic can manage the more dangerous symptoms, such as the seizures that can result from alcohol withdrawal. This makes clinical detox not only the safer option than going it alone, but also the less painful option.

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