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What Can I Do to Repair a Bad Reputation?

What Can I Do to Repair a Bad Reputation?

We all make bad decisions now and again. Maybe someone is making up lies about you, trying to hurt you, or maybe you have hurt other people. You may feel that trying to counteract the hard things is difficult but it takes time to rebuild a reputation once it has been taken apart. Try these tips for how to start the rebuilding process.

Ignore the Negative

It is very important to stop listening to the voices of others as well as those in your own head. It will only bring you down. When you feel discouraged and hopeless, you might drive yourself crazy and start to go down that rabbit hole. This can lead to isolation, which can also lead you back down the road to addiction relapse. Don’t let that happen. Focus on the positive aspects as much as possible and call in recruits (friends) to help.

Plan Ahead

The best way to figure your way out of a bad situation is to understand what kind of person you want to be, then work on showing that to other people. You may be aware of how you don’t want people to see you but think about how you do want them to see you and plan ahead for it.

Find a Confidante

When you find a person to confide in, whom you can talk to that reminds of you of the person you want to be, this will help anchor you when times are troubling. When your reputation is in tatters and you’re trying to rebuild, seek out those who know and believe the best of you.

Be Honest

We all make mistakes. Where harm was done, be honest. If the gossip or issues are rooted in truth, be able to stand up, humbly, and admit your guilt. Admit the need for change. Over time, go about proving it to everyone. Time will heal difficult situations.

Make Little Changes

Sometimes changing everything at once is overwhelming. Focus on one thing at a time. If you need to change your hair, clothes, job, friends, don’t do everything now. Don’t be afraid to conform a little bit to what seems to be other people’s ideas. Do you, focus on your own growth, and work on it slowly, a little at a time.

It takes time to rebuild a reputation. Even more time to rebuild one that is damaged. A good reputation is hard to destroy and can be rebuilt. Who you are as a person speaks for itself, so show the the world who you are. Own up to where you make mistakes and don’t be afraid to own up to who you are and who you are made to be.

Reputations can feel like they’re built on sifting sand, but they are built out of a strong sense of character. Take time to focus on building that character, and your reputation, by doing what is right. If that means getting help for addiction, do it. Call us and let us help you rebuild your life and find hope again in recovery. Call us 24/7 at our toll-free number: 866-294-9401