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What Are The Signs Of High-Functioning Addiction?

Spotting a high-functioning addict can be difficult, especially in people who know how to hide the signs, such as doctors and other professionals. A part of being a high-functioning addict is the ability to function somewhat normally, which means other people don’t take much notice of their actions or their irregularities. If you suspect a coworker or your loved one may have a problem, check below for signs they may be showing when they head to work:

  1. Wearing long sleeves – If someone always wears long sleeves, even in warm weather or when the job’s dress code does not require it, they may be concealing track (needle) marks.
  2. Changes in mood, behavior, and/or appearance – Drugs and alcohol can alter a person’s appearance, their attitude, the way they act, and how they behave. Withdrawal symptoms can make an addict snappy or short-tempered and they might find their job more difficult at certain times in the day. They may act hyper or manic, and then down and sluggish later on.
  3. Inconsistencies – If someone was once a top performer or a consistent producer, and they start missing their mark at work and are failing to meet expectations, they may be escalating in their drug use.
  4. Breath fresheners and eye drops – Mouthwash, breath mints, and breath sprays may be indicative of a drinking problem. Eye drops cover-up bloodshot eyes, and some addicts may have the type of drops that make pupils appear normal.
  5. Missing work – People with addiction issues commonly call in sick and are late for meetings or appointments. They might report family “emergencies” frequently, or they may even have their spouse or other family member call in for them.
  6. Isolating – A person who was once an involved team member may begin distancing themselves from everyone else. Work relationships may be strained, or they may make up excuses for not attending work events.
  7. Missing medication in a medical setting – In clinical settings, a healthcare provider may no longer be able to refill their prescription, and will start accessing the medicine supply at work.




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