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What Are 5 Ways to Socialize More in Sobriety?

Finding ways to ‘loosen up’ can be hard after using substances to help do that for so long. Once you let go of that being your only means to have a good time, you are ready for some harmless (sober) fun with friends. The question is, how to do that and where to go. These tips will help you get started.

Say No

When you are invited out to have fun, you don’t have to say yes. Sometimes you just don’t want to be in an environment where alcohol is served. You may also want to just get some water and let the waitress know you are not interested in being offered anything with alcohol.

Reconnect with Loved Ones

Sobriety is about healing the past and creating a better future. Attempting to reconnect with family and friends is not only a good thing for the healing process, it’s a great opportunity to get back into a safe circle of people. When struggling at a social event, the people in your trusted circle will be the first ones to have your back and offer support.

Substance-Free Fun

There are many ways to socialize with friends, family, and co-workers that are alcohol- and drug- free. Being in recovery, you will be asked by family and friends to do things but keep in mind that being safe is better than putting your sobriety at risk. Give a bookstore or non-traditional place a try.

Active Living

Fitness centers and studios are great places to work out but also for socialization. Meeting new people who share a passion for fitness benefits the mind and body. Yoga, kickboxing, pilates, and other forms of exercise can help you build a strong body but also a strong social circle of sober friends.

Sober Groups

Recovery is an ongoing process which takes maintenance. Attending meetings to help get focus back on what matters is crucial to success. No matter what group you’re a part of, attendance at regular meetings will help you work through stressful speed bumps in recovery. Talking about the issues with peers can also help you strengthen social bonds in the group and create long lasting friendships.

Finding sober friends can be difficult but it is necessary for your long term recovery. Finding new hobbies and friends takes time and can be trial and error at first. Eventually you’ll find where you belong. Don’t struggle alone if you’re trying to kick addiction to the curb. If you are ready for life on the other side of addiction, we will help you start the journey. Call us 24/7 at our toll-free number: 844-339-6964