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Try These 3 Ways to Live Into the Mess and Embrace It

Try These 3 Ways to Live Into the Mess and Embrace It

In spite of your best intentions, you may be living with a mess of your own creation that you are trying to put back together. Sometimes the messiness can be overwhelming, but in other moments it feels like just the right place to be. The challenge is to learn how to lean into acceptance of the mess, embrace it, and from it learn how to heal.

Messy is Beautiful

When life weighs you down with responsibilities, frustrations, and fear you may feel like the daily drudgery gets in the way of really dealing with all the issues. With myriad things pulling at our attention on any given day, it can feel like everything is falling apart even when it is just coming back together. You may ask yourself how you can get back a sense of peace and freedom you once had without all the responsibilities hanging around your neck like a chain. It helps to try some of the following steps towards acceptance of this beautiful mess and learn how to embrace the crazy and the good.

Reframe Busy

So many people now like to say ‘i’m so busy’ and wear it like a badge of honor. Most humans in the Western world are busy living lives of significance, or so they think. If you are someone who constantly declares how busy you are, it may be time to slow down. Busyness is not a virtue. It can make you seem like you are more important than you are. Everyone has things they can be busy doing, so why not try reframing how you see busyness:

  • Say ‘life is rich’ rather than ‘life is busy’
  • Take things off your plate that are no longer necessary
  • Start a daily gratitude practice to bring yourself back to center

Play (like an Adult)

Adults think play is for children, so we forget to incorporate it into our schedules. We push new responsibilities onto our significant others and into our own lives while failing to realize this does not make us feel alive. The truth is that carving out time for play will be good for your spirit, but also those around you who are grateful you are embracing a more lighthearted focus.

  • Take 15 minutes for every 60-90 minutes of work to play for a few moments
  • Stop if you are with kids and play with them for a short time rather than work around the house
  • Find an activity that feels joyful and pursue it

Embrace the Seasons

Mindfulness and presence are all the rage right now, but what if you flipped it on its head and focused on the fact there are difficult seasons. Children grow, careers wind down, and midlife ends (even when it seems to last forever). At the end of it all, you will not get that time back. You might move at a slower pace and enjoy things less or find new things enjoyable then. Accepting the ebb and flow of life as seasons that come and go can give you a perspective that will help you keep moving forward amidst the crazy and learn how to accept it all gracefully.

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