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Victim or Volunteer?

A life in addiction is tumultuous, and some of the things that happen us can leave not only physical, but emotional scars. Many of us are victimized because addiction is a high-risk lifestyle. Once the drugs and alcohol are removed from the equation, we have the choice to move from victim to survivor. Not all do though, and they trade-in the opportunity to be a survivor for remaining a volunteer to misery.

Whether or not terrible things happened in your addiction, it is your responsibility to own your recovery and move forward. It is common for the newly sober (because this is what we did in addiction) to complain that the world is against us, and that nothing ever works out for us. Or that we’re unlucky, and we weren’t given the things or love that others were afforded. When we get sober, we have to accept that we have a disease, and it is up to us to work on ourselves, grow up, and prevent relapse back into the disease cycle.

Yes, it takes a lot of work to move from victim to survivor. Staying a victim is much easier because we mooch off the sympathies of others. What we don’t realize when we we’re exhibiting this behavior, is how emotionally taxing we are on those around us. Who wants to be around someone who thinks the world is happening to them? We need to be around healthy-minded people with boundaries. People that accept who they are, and work their hardest to become better humans. It is these people that help other survivors, asking nothing in return.

People that give back after emerging from the depths of addiction are not only survivors, but they are warriors. If you are battling addiction, you can become a surviving warrior, too. In treatment, we will help you understand your disease, and give you the tools you need to live successfully in sobriety. You don’t have to feel like a victim ever again. Give us a call, your recovery is possible and we want to help you begin your journey.

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