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Try These Tips to Avoid Post-Addiction Boredom

Boredom affects everyone at some point in their lives. It’s how they cope with it that makes a difference. Feeling bored can amplify the desire to do something that fills the gap, such as use drugs or alcohol. In this way, boredom is a symptom of a much deeper challenge which comes with addiction recovery. It is the ability to stay present and focused on the positive that will build strength for dealing with those days with boredom strikes.

How it Starts

Now treatment is over, the real world awaits. Working on yourself, building support for sobriety and seeking to distance yourself from toxic relationships takes time. In the interim, there may be times boredom creeps in. It starts with a sense of restlessness, which might start with the inability to:

  • Read
  • Watch television
  • Do anything that quiets yourself

Sometimes the restlessness gets so intense, a strong desire builds to alleviate the overwhelming sense of nothingness in life.

Letting Go

In recovery, it can help to process through all the ways life has changed now after addiction. It takes preparation to feel ready to experience the fullness of life that will feel like it is hitting you with a one-two punch. Some helpful tips to move forward in a positive way include:


  • Grieve what was lost. Quitting drugs or alcohol takes time and it is a slow process of letting go. Don’t just stay busy for the sake of being busy. Give yourself time to feel ‘all the feels,’ as they say and focus on the hard work of recovery.
  • Give it time. Sustained sobriety is about the desire to stay sober over the long haul. Boredom is a natural part of transitioning into sober living and finding new ways to fill time. Some people who have given up drugs become adrenaline junkies, hooked on the high of doing risky things. The need to feel alive is very human but should be done in a healthy way, not replacing one adrenaline rush for another.
  • Watch out for extreme behavior. Attendance at sober meetings frequently is a good thing but watch for substituting one addiction for another. Attending tons of meetings to occupy time can be detrimental to your overall recovery. It is healthy to have balance and go live your life. Pursue some healthy hobbies with sober friends to maintain balance.


It also helps to reframe your thinking. Feelings are normal: bored, frustrated, angry, silly, happy. It is perfectly okay to feel everything you are feeling, but you don’t want to get caught up in wallowing in boredom to the point you start to feel sad or depressed. You have the freedom to choose how to live your life, so feel free to enjoy recovery.

Boredom can lead to relapse in recovery. You don’t want to go down the rabbit hole of negative emotions. If you are struggling to stay focused on being positive, call The Serenity Recovery Center. We will help you design a recovery program that will get you back on track and on the road to sobriety. We are available 24/7 at our toll-free number: 844-339-6964. Call now.