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Try These 5 Things to Release Emotional Toxic Stress

Try These 5 Things to Release Emotional Toxic Stress

Toxic stress plays a role in physical and emotional toxicity that builds up over time. If you are prone to headaches, rashes, or feeling emotionally down a lot, it could be due to toxic stress. There are ways to release emotionally charged toxic stress in a way that will help you deal with it more effectively rather than let it build up and shut your body down.

Avoid the Implosion

When emotions bottled up, they need to go somewhere. Deep down maybe there is an emotional burden to keep what you think and feel to yourself. Physically, the body can experience weakened immunity over time and mentally the suppressed emotions weigh us down and cause us to find other means of expression (ie: addiction). The emotional turmoil of a recovery process has to go somewhere. If we are not careful, all roads lead to relapse. For people who have yet to reach the path of recovery, stuffed emotions will create continual roadblocks that cause stumbling over and over again.

Diffuse the Bomb

Our fates are not sealed and there are plenty of healthy ways to release emotions. Releasing pent-up emotions helps us process feelings and guides us to recovery. There are some emotional releases that are helpful and support sobriety:

  • Play. Don’t be afraid to have fun. The basic idea is to think like a child and throw a ball, skip rocks, build a sandcastle or fly a kite. Give yourself permission to play like a kid. It is not about winning or losing at a game but about participation and enjoyment of the game.
  • Dance. Most people know the physical and mental benefits of exercise but the emotional release is important. Pent-up feelings can create tension in the body. Dance releases tension and allows us to work out this stuff and feel good again. Crank up the tunes at home and dance if you are worried about dancing in public.
  • Cry. It is okay to cry. There are tear ducts for a reason. Crying allows emotional release of pain. It is normal and healthy and perfectly okay. If something hurts, have a good cry. Don’t have shame around it and carry that burden around. You are more likely to feel better once you release the emotions than holding onto them.
  • Write. This comes more naturally to some than others but some of us have stacks of journals filled with pages and others have never taken advantage of this. Don’t worry about creating poetry or well-crafted pages of self-expression. Simply jot down your thoughts and feelings. Writing them down helps slow you down and process in a healthy way.
  • Talk. Don’t be afraid to talk about your scariest feelings and thoughts. It can be hard but it is an important part of living an emotionally healthy life. It helps to talk it out and make sure you reach out to your network for support.

Whatever has kept you in the trap of addiction, today may be the day to finally be released from its grip. Let us help you recover from addiction and seek the resources you need to keep you clean and sober. Call us 24/7 at our toll-free number: 866-294-9401