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Try These 5 Natural Ways to Beat Addiction

Try These 5 Natural Ways to Beat Addiction

Addiction is a serious challenge for millions of people worldwide. Addiction is chronic, meaning it is a condition that needs to be managed for a lifetime in recovery. There is no panacea, quick fix, one-stop shopping for what will work. Something may work for a time, then adjustments need to be made as life, body, and mind shift. Natural, alternative ways of supporting addiction recovery can be great tools for management of addiction symptoms, triggers, and cravings.

Find a Tribe

The word tribe is used so loosely, it is a wonder anyone even knows what it means anymore. Basically, it is a way of saying that you must surround yourself with ‘your people,’ that support where you are and try to help you become the best version of yourself. It is natural, even vital, to feel like you are not alone. This crucial step helps you find safe spaces for recovery where you will not be judged and will be celebrated for making the effort to reach sobriety. Community groups, online groups, and just friends of friends who are sober can be great companions for the recovery journey.

Move It

Most people with addiction are not very active and find themselves feeling tired and sluggish. The desire to sit around when not working and disengage is not only physically unhealthy, but also unhealthy for your emotional state. Don’t become one of those people who isolates because you did not get out and do something with your body and mind. Start slow, find some people to connect with over an activity that is clean and sober. Exercise stimulates the mind, kicks up endorphins, and helps you feel good without substances. Try different things, see what works, and keep doing that until it stops working for you. Some activities to try:

  • Running (free)
  • Bowling (inexpensive)
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Exercising at the gym, in a class or group fitness environment
  • Yoga

Clear the Mind

Beating addiction is mostly about battling what’s in the mind on a daily basis. Your brain may play tricks on you so you have to be smarter than your own brain. Anxiety, stress, anger, and other negative feelings will discourage you if you let them so find the positive everyday, practice gratitude, and meditation exercises to support your path to healing.


Don’t forget to take those vitamins with advice from a doctor. Omega 3s can be essential to recovery, from a well-balanced diet.  Vitamin B complex is also healthy for you. Amino acids and minerals can also be helpful in improving brain function and keeping the body healthy overall.

Holistic Healing

Natural options can help boost physiological and psychological ailments found in people who are in recovery. There are herbs that need to be taken together or alone that help fight cravings. GInseng and Rhodiola rae herbs that can help support adrenal function. Other types of natural. Holistic healing methods can be great for boosting physical and emotional well-being.

Everyone needs different things in recovery to help them feel better. If you are struggling, let us help get you on track in recovery. We have a team of experts ready to provide mental and physical support for detox and recovery. If you are ready, give us a call 24/7 at our toll-free number: 866-294-9401