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Is Too Much Self-Improvement a Bad Thing?

Is Too Much Self-Improvement a Bad Thing?

Self-improvement is a worthwhile pursuit. Our minds and bodies are highly adaptable and versatile, to an extent. The realization that we can empower ourselves is one that helps propel us further into what we want to achieve in life. When you want to achieve goals, just envision the outcome. If you want to get rid of toxic people in your life, envision better relationships. There is a shadow side to all the self-improvement. Find out what it is and how to avoid the trap.

Bottomless Pit

The challenge with self improvement is that we are always evolving. Ever changing, ever growing, our desire and need to change will always be present. One danger is that focusing too much on yourself can happen to the detriment of everything else in your life. By focusing on development of skills rather than how to use them, you can fool yourself into thinking you can make progress, while actually procrastinating and avoiding having to take any real risks if you are too shy, you may decide self-improvement around confidence will help by reading books and going to seminars, but never actually get around to using the skills in real life. Once you start measuring progress in terms of what you have accomplished, you can get a better idea of how valuable all the knowledge is for you.

Buyer Beware

One of the other potential dangers of self-help is that it can end up changing you in ways you did not expect. It might be that you achieve what you set out to do but did not consider the reality at the time. If you are looking to find a new job, you may not realize all the requirements ahead of time. If you read books and figure it out along the way, you may think you are figuring it out, even if it doesn’t help you land the job. Turning to self-help is great, but it does nothing to ultimately help you figure things out in the real world.

Bad Advice

A more obvious risk is that on the road to self improvement, you might take advice from many different people, whether or not it is helpful. There are many self-help gurus out there who want to make money, which doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t genuine but they may also be a fraudster. The people you ask for help may believe their own hype but don’t really know what they’re talking about or offer tangible advice.

Ultimately, self improvement taps into our ego in that it creates space for us to learn and grow, to be liked, and accepted. We think if we are successful, then we are going to be happier and more fulfilled. This can damage our health, waste our time, and our money. It can even cause mental health issues like depression and anxiety in the striving towards goals that may or may not be realistic. The best thing to do when it comes to improving yourself is take it in stride, focus on tangible goals, and don’t let self improvement become the only means by which you become a better person. Go out there and see for yourself by taking action.

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