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Thoughts You’ve Only Had If You’ve Gone Through Withdrawals

This is the end. There is absolutely no way I can get through this…not today, not ever. I will pay my dealer anything he asks, I don’t care what it is, just get me SOMETHING, ANYTHING, NOW!! I knew this was the flu; just one Oxy will do the trick and stop all of these symptoms in their tracks. I’ll even try a little shot, anything! I can’t get sick, I have stuff to do!! Where is he?! Why isn’t he answering?

These shakes!! All I need are a couple of drinks, then I’ll be ok. My heart will stop fluttering, I’ll stop sweating, and I can just get on with my day and forget this ever happened. How could I have not saved something from last night?! I’ve checked every cabinet, behind the couch, under my pillows, behind the toilet, and nothing!! I’ve heard vanilla extract has a lot of alcohol…maybe a swig before the store opens, just to tie me over.

There must be little rocks in the carpet, there are white spots everywhere. I don’t care if it could be part of the ceiling, it’s worth checking. Is that what I think it is? Tastes a little salty, maybe I’ll smoke it. Surely there’s enough for a mini line stuck to my cards, and there has to be residue on this bill. What is that?! Is someone there?? Oh no, I knew it!! They’ve been watching me all this time, and now they’ve taken everything…oh no, I think I’m having a heart attack!

If you can relate, even just a little bit to any of these thoughts, you are not alone. Millions of us have experienced withdrawal symptoms, ranging from mild to severe, and for some unfortunate souls, their symptoms became deadly. Let’s face it, withdrawing from anything isn’t fun. It’s a huge part of addiction; we don’t want to feel the unpleasant effects of coming off a drug, so we take more to prevent getting hit with the brick wall of withdrawal.

Luckily, we don’t have to experience the horrific pain or possible death from withdrawal anymore. Checking into detox is your best option for getting through it safely, and comfortably. You will be treated with respect and compassion by people who will support you throughout your recovery. Trying to detox on your own isn’t worth losing your life over. Seizures, cardiac events, delirium tremens, and extreme fever can all be averted in medically-supervised detox. There is no better time to start feeling better than the present. Recovery is possible, all you need to do is pick up the phone and call us today.

The Serenity Recovery Center stands as a landmark of the Encino Hospital Medical Center offering the best of detox. Committed to providing comfort and care, our private detox program supports the first foundational steps of sobriety. Contact us today for information: 866.294.9401