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This Is Why People in Recovery Say They’re Grateful

If you are new to the whole concept of sobriety, and you hear someone say how grateful they are to be an addict or alcoholic in recovery, you may be a bit skeptical. How could someone possibly be grateful that they can’t drink or use again? It may seem like an illogical mystery right now, but if you stick around, you might find out for yourself.

Addiction brings us into the darkest, most lonely corners of our souls. The pain of it all feels like it will never end, no matter how much we wish it away. If you are one of the few lucky ones to claw your way out, and are able to transform your life into one you never imagined was possible, gratitude might be in your back pocket. We are who we are and where we are, in great part because of our addiction. Sure, you can look at and your past in a negative light, but what would the point of that be?

When an addict or alcoholic comes to recovery, she has the opportunity to start over and build a life that she can take pride in. The longer she stays in recovery, the more her life improves. This is not to say that everything will always be perfect, but it will be better than the life she once lived.

The people we meet who have traveled a similar path and are on the same journey in sobriety are our kindred spirits. People that don’t have the disease of addiction will never fully understand what it is like, but those in recovery know exactly what you have been through. This type of friendship is priceless. If it weren’t for addiction, you would never have been given the unique opportunity to turn your life around and into one you chose, not one that chose you.

Watching people transform in recovery is an incredible sight. When we are no longer praying for the next day to never come, or frantically trying to make sure we don’t run out of drugs and alcohol, and living in a constant state of fear, gratitude is easily found. Life is easier in recovery; we are no longer slaves to our addiction, yet we know it could all disappear in a second if we picked up. It’s not so hard to understand why so many of us are grateful to be in recovery, especially if you’ve experienced the hell we all came from. You can be free, too. Detox is the first step, and we are here to help you every step of the way.

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