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These Unusual Antistress Products May Help Enhance Your Calm

These Unusual Antistress Products May Help Enhance Your Calm

Stress seems to be part of our daily lives now. There is much to be stressed and anxious about, to be sure, but so much of it is filtered through lenses on social media. Many people are looking for ways to destress and enhance their calm. Products have come on the market recently that state they can help a person calm down who feels stressed and support a peaceful feeling. Learn about some of these antistress products to see if any of them may be able to help you find greater peace.

Volar Calming Salts

Smelling salts may conjure up images of ancient ways of using salts to bring people back to consciousness who had passed out. It is actually an aromatherapy technique that is an antidote to stress. They’re meant to be sniffed and wafted, and include a blend of lavender, peppermint, and patchouli to give a boost of clarity within the calm.

Nue Co. Magnesium Ease

This antistress balm can be used to provide relief for many different things. Magnesium chloride, lavender, and arnica oil combine to soothe and release muscle tension, if even just temporarily.

Ulili for Kahina Candle

The scent of candles can really make stress subside. This candle is made of beeswax and vegetable wax harvested in Morocco. It has a blend of cedar, clove, ylang ylang and orange blossom essential oils. It can be great for use in meditation, calming down after a long day or keeping spirits bright on a gloomy day.


One of the greatest sources of antistress is yourself. You have the power to destress your mind, body, and soul with the decisions you make, thoughts you allow into your head, and also the social media or people you let into your world that may increase or reduce stress levels.

Finding ways to destress comes in many different packages. Products can be helpful but it is always good to check with a treating physician about anything you start as it may interfere with other medication or things you are taking currently. Even if products are not the best route, there is always meditation, mindfulness techniques, and other ways to destress that don’t include aromatherapy or other types of things which may not be helpful if they interfere with your current medication. Try not to get discouraged as it takes time to find a routine for de stressing that will work best for you and your personal circumstances.

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