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These 5 Signs May Indicate Rehab Should Be in Your Future

These 5 Signs May Indicate Rehab Should Be in Your Future

A structured rehab program for drug addiction is a necessary step for people recovering from substance abuse. Many people with addiction avoid formal care provided by rehab and try to do it alone. There are some signs to watch out for that drug use has gotten out of control and you need help that only rehab can provide.

Drug Use is Number One

A telltale sign of addiction is when the substance of choice becomes your main focus. If this comes into your thoughts all day and you spend increasing amounts of time, effort, and resources to use the drug, you may be addicted. Your former interests, activities, and involvements eventually begin taking a backseat to drug use. If you don’t spend time with people you love as a result of drug use taking over your time, you may have a problem.

Ill Health

Substance abuse is associated with a myriad ill health effects. The actual drug that you use may dictate exactly how you feel, along with your personal chemistry in your body. The challenge is that all substances take a toll on the body eventually. Mentally, a person’s mind can be affected by anxiety, agitation, depression, and psychosis.

Takes More to Feel Effects

When you take a drug at first, you are not accustomed to the effects, so you feel them more. Over time, the body begins to adapt through what is called tolerance. As tolerance grows, the body needs the drug more frequently or in higher amounts to produce the same outcomes.  As you take more of a substance to increase the effects, you put yourself at an increased risk of overdose. Heroin is a depressant so taking large amounts can slow a person’s breathing and pulse rate.

Mental Illness

There is an increased risk and chance of having substance use disorder if you struggle with mental health issues. People abuse substances for a number of reasons. Most drugs alter the mind and are commonly used as a coping mechanism to modify the way they think, behave, or feel. Treatment is complex for co-occurring disorders but necessary to get to the heart of addiction.

Tried to Quit

Addiction is a chronic condition marked by periods of relapse and recovery for many people. Whenever use is restarted or ongoing, a commitment to abstinence that encompasses new ways will be needed to return to recovery. You might need rehab now if your past points to poor outcomes of quitting on your own and being unsuccessful.

There is no harm in asking for help. In fact, it may be your best hope for moving forward with your life. If you are struggling, it can help to enter a program that will support your recovery with detox, recovery services, and aftercare programs that are designed with you in mind.

Serenity is a safe, secure place to experience detox and rehab in a comforting setting. Medically supervised detox can help you quit drinking or using drugs and support a long-term recovery. It also helps you realize that you are not alone and your struggles are important to our staff. We can help you get clean and back to your profession feeling better than when you left. If you want help, call us 24/7 at our toll-free number: 866-294-9401