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The Unexpected Benefit Of Sobriety For Men

The Unexpected Benefit Of Sobriety For Men

You experience many physical benefits when you quit drinking. Your liver starts healing, your cardiovascular health improves, you think more clearly, and you lose a bit of weight. One benefit people often don’t think of is that you also become more hormonally balanced. For women this is important because it can reduce their risk of breast cancer. For men, the results can be more immediate.

Alcohol reduces your testosterone levels. Studies have shown that when you drink, whether you drink occasionally or habitually, it disrupts both the synthesis and release of testosterone in the body. There are several mechanisms by which this happens. The most alarming is that oxidative stress from drinking appears to damage cells in the testes, leading to atrophy. While this damage can be repaired by quitting drinking and supplementing certain vitamins, prolonged heavy drinking can lead to cell death.

Low testosterone has many negative effects from immediate to long-term. The immediate effects include low energy, decreased sex drive, and erectile dysfunction. People who quit drinking often see improvement in these areas pretty quickly.

In the medium range, low testosterone has negative effects on your body composition. Low testosterone makes it harder to gain muscle and lose fat. Not only that, alcohol itself is high in calories, so heavy drinkers are likely to consume too many calories and too few nutrients. Obesity also lowers testosterone, so as you put on more weight, you also drive your testosterone still lower. It’s a vicious cycle. People who quit drinking are often surprised how quickly they are suddenly able to lose weight. On top of that, they gain muscle more easily. This combination is why progress pics are often so striking.

Low testosterone can have long-term effects too. It may harm fertility, for one. If you plan to have children, or plan to have more children, excessive drinking can make it more difficult. It can also reduce bone density, making you more vulnerable to injury as you age. These problems are especially serious for younger people. Alcohol misuse can start surprisingly young. If someone is already drinking heavily at 12 or 14–around the time he’s going through puberty, the testosterone-suppressing effects of alcohol can cause developmental problems.

When you consider all the negative health effects of drinking, low testosterone may not seem like a big deal, but it can have a major effect on your quality of life. Most of the negative effects of low testosterone can be avoided or reversed just by quitting drinking. To the other reasons for sobriety you can add more energy, better sex, and fitter appearance.

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