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The Power of Letting Good Things Happen

The Power of Letting Good Things Happen

Good things come in small packages is usually the way people phrase how they experience goodness. However, the power of goodness does not have to be confined to a small box. It can be a big box of awesomeness. When you are finally able to let good things happen to you in recovery, you start to open up to all kinds of possibilities about life and explore abundance. Find out how you can tap into the power of goodness.

Good Things Visible

Sometimes the power of goodness seems to only come in the way of visible, tangible things. Maybe you finally got a new job, put your resume out there and got the callback or tapped into your creativity after a dry spell and opened up some new perspectives on life. These are tangible, good things you can hold in your new life in recovery. These can help carry you through some really challenging times when you are able to notice what is visibly good in life and hold gratitude towards those opportunities.

Good Things Invisible

When good things are more invisible, less tangible, it can be harder to figure out whether they are truly good or just ‘nice.’ Things like finding a new spirituality, shifting our internal dialogue to more positive thinking, or finding a place we feel welcome are all good things, but mostly intangible. We can’t hold them in our hands or see them physically but we feel them.

Fragility of Goodness

Good things can often feel fragile, like shards of glass that are broken from a dish or window. They lie there looking like these fragments that we aren’t sure how to piece together because our lives have felt broken for so long with addiction, we just think that is how life is supposed to feel. Until, goodness comes along and wrecks all that. We start to feel less overwhelmed and more empowered. We start to feel like there is work to be done but we can handle it because we have support from friends and family, a network of sober friends, and people who love us through anything. It can still feel overwhelming like it all might go to the dogs anytime, but that is when you practice acceptance:

  • Accept you are deserving of goodness
  • Accept the goodness of others towards you
  • Accept you are capable of offering goodness
  • Recognize how goodness begets goodness

It can feel like we are trudging through mud those first days, months, even years of recovery. We are looking back to look forward, hastily fixing past mistakes and making amends. However, we can see the power of goodness when we realize how friendships can be restored, our lives are better than when we were stuck in addiction and even if we are daily striving for goodness, we can feel that life is better if we experience it rather than not trying to find goodness at all. Just remember, you are never so far away you do not deserve goodness. The power of goodness is that it is freely available for all who seek it, whether you like it or not.

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