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The Key Role of Educational Consultants in Addiction Recovery Programs

The Key Role of Educational Consultants in Addiction Recovery Programs

An educational consultant can be a great resource for people who seek help with addiction that need help planning educational services while in rehab. Parents and students can find support to continue seeking help with an educational consultant as their guide through the process.

How it Works

Some educational consultants focus on general populations of people but it is more typical to find a consultant who specializes with a certain type of student with specific needs. This may include college placement or planning, continuing private education, or needing support for a learning disability, behavioral, or emotional challenges. Some consultants specialize in graduate school admission challenges. Generally speaking, educational consulting focuses on helping students:

  • Gain admission to a certain school (high school or college)
  • Develop a plan to meet objectives during school
  • Resolve conflicts or challenges in education

Many consultants will hold a Ph.D. in their field, but not all of them will as it is still a small, yet growing, industry centered on helping individuals grow beyond recovery.

What Consultants Do

Educational consultants work with many types of providers to assist with strategic planning, performance management, as well as recruiting and retention of students and teachers. While students work to get into school, consultants will come alongside and support by:

  • Determining needs and goals
  • Support in meeting goals
  • Determine barriers and challenges in access to school
  • Help enhance experience and support moving forward

Many educational consultants belong to an organization that supports standards. They are expected to commit to continuing their own education to keep up with changes in the marketplace and learn how to best support clients. Finding supportive services for individuals in recovery or in rehab can present many challenges, so it may help families to know there are consultants who offer specialized support to make sure studies can continue, even in the midst of challenges brought on by addiction recovery.

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