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The Hidden Crisis of Pharmacists and Addiction

The Hidden Crisis of Pharmacists and Addiction

Addiction does not discriminate who it impacts. Pharmacists are not immune to the challenges found with being addicted to alcohol or drugs. Healthcare professionals, overall, are prone to higher rates of substance abuse than the national average, due to the high amount of person-to-person contact they have at their jobs.  The rates of substance abuse and dependence vary, but pharmacists struggle with what is often considered a hidden crisis behind the scenes of the healthcare profession.

  • Services Serenity Detox offers
  • Why sending someone to Detox is important
  • How does detox relate to someone who is an addict
  • What their patient is going through in addiction
  • That Serenity Detox is the best choice for assisting someone through withdrawals

Increased Risk

Healthcare professionals are at an increased risk for addiction because of access to controlled substances, knowledge of how the drugs work, and a highly stressful environment. Due to drug access, healthcare professionals tend to self medicate. Substance induced impairment among some healthcare professions is anticipated to grow. Healthcare professionals spend the majority of their time caring for others and often forget the importance of self-care.

Prevention and Education

Due to the opioid crisis hitting America, there is increased awareness of the need for prevention, intervention, education and treatment of people pharmacists serve. In addition, there is awareness of a need to educate professionals about addiction amongst themselves. This includes awareness of:

  • The signs and symptoms of abuse
  • Reaching out to colleagues who may be practicing impaired
  • People neglecting work responsibilities
  • Pharmacists with drug and alcohol related arrests
  • Appetite or sleep pattern changes
  • Unexplained changes in personality or attitude
  • Lack of motivation at work

the need for more of the drug to experience the same effects that used to be attained with smaller amounts

How to Help

There are myriad ways to help someone who is struggling with addiction in the workplace who is a pharmacist or other provider. Finding the right rehab is essential, but it may take some time to get them to agree to seeking help. Healthcare providers are notorious for their willingness to care for patients and other people but less so in taking care of their own needs. Medically supervised detox can help get substances out of the body to prepare them for treatment. Detox is a great option, but it depends on the individual’s situation. Facing detox and withdrawal may be discouraging to some people seeking help but it is good if loved ones can support the individual and let them know that, on the other side, is freedom from addiction and a return (if possible) to their profession of helping others fight their own healthcare and addiction challenges.

Serenity provides a safe, nonjudgmental space for pharmacists and healthcare workers to seek detox and treatment. Our programs provide unique medically supervised detox and professional strategies for taking care of an individual’s needs in our center. We believe detox is the best way to get you on the other side of the recovery journey and help you move forward. If you want help, call us 24/7 at our toll-free number: 866-294-9401