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The Hidden Blessing of Going Back (to Where You Hit Bottom)

The Hidden Blessing of Going Back (to Where You Hit Bottom)

The gifts of surrender and humility are awesome, but they can come at a cost. It requires you stop and look around at where you are right this moment and ask yourself if this is where you want (and need) to be. When you hit bottom, maybe you felt like you were going to get up and that was the end of the story. No looking back, no returning to where you once were. If you find yourself in a different space and feel the need to go back and find some healing, there can also be hidden blessings in that journey.

Unexpected Miracles

Wherever you landed when you hit bottom, that place may always feel like a giant hole in the universe. The space where you got pulled so far down, you were not sure if you could find the light again. Returning to where you hit bottom can have therapeutic benefits emotionally and physically once you are in recovery. Unexpected miracles and blessings can happen when you take time to allow yourself space for hitting a bottom that took you out of commission long enough to get sorted out and on your feet again. When you return to the space you hit bottom, there can feel like a renewed energy around you knowing you came up out of it alright in the end.

Getting Sober

A place can hold an untold amount of power over your life if you let it happen. Soaking in the newness of your sobriety, it can feel difficult to imagine what it will be like to set foot in a place that feels so long ago, yet also feels like yesterday. Seeing the space, place, and even people, from that time in your life may present you with challenging emotional and physical stress. Maybe you were trying to fill a hole in your life that only addiction filled (for a time). Trauma, life challenges, and difficult relationships can all resurface in your life or memory when revisiting the place you fell down low. Getting sober gives you a new perspective to see that time and space with gratitude and humility, a kind of letting go of the past that you may not expect. It has to happen in due course, not before. If you think you aren’t ready, you may not be. Then again, you may very well be ready and you are feeling afraid of what will happen. You can surrender to the power of now if you are willing to release the past. Show up for yourself, do your own work, and focus on the space you take up here and now. Don’t worry about other people or try to fix anything. Allow yourself to grieve, process, and experience this opportunity to see yourself through a new lens, one that allows you to shine in all your glory in recovery. Even if you process negative emotions for a time after, it is better than hiding it under a rock and pretending the feelings don’t exist (which can lead to relapse). Support yourself with a strong community and you will be able to handle this challenge head on and thrive.

There is no going back in recovery. Going back means falling into the trap of addiction again. We will help you find the tools and resources you need to return to what supports your journey (like going back to difficult spaces) and still keep sobriety intact. We will help you find what you need. Call us 24/7 at our toll-free number: 866-294-9401