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The First Things You Should Do After Graduating Treatment

Yes!  You are out of treatment and it seemed like it took forever.  All you can think about is getting home and getting on with your life.  It is euphoric at first, but wait and see what tests will come up even in the first few hours.  Settling back into the real world will be harder than you think.  Give yourself time to get a grip on what the first things to do after treatment should look like.

Find a support network.  While you are in treatment they will discuss who your support network can be.  Once you are on your own, you need to understand that you are not alone.  Making a list of supporters is common, but remember it will change.  Find out who you want to spend time with.  Community resources are a great way to start.  Family and friends will reach out to check up on you.  Let them in.  They can become a fast network regardless of the hard feelings of anger or shame.  Also, look into hotlines and therapy that you can reach out to in spur of the moment situations.

Everyone has different situations that brought them down this long hard road to recovery.  Looking into housing and jobs will help stabilize a new lifestyle.  You could be staying with family or friends, or have a job already lined up.  Don’t stop looking for better advances.  Communities will have staffing and housing organizations that you can lean on for information.  Remember, this isn’t a situation for instant gratification.  You may need patience with your search.  People will be quick to judge your situation.  Don’t let them derail you from your target of a better life.  Staying focused on recovery is the first thing to do after treatment.

Don’t forget to relax.  Stress will come on quickly.  It’s important to have those coping skills readily available.  If you haven’t decided which activities work for you, now is the time to figure that out.  Start some of your coping skills when you are not under a ton of stress, so you know what to do when it does come on strong.  Fresh out of treatment is the first opportunity to relapse.  Don’t let that happen to you.  Be ready to fight the good fight and stay sober.  

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