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The First Day of Rehab May Look Like This

The First Day of Rehab May Look Like This

The first day of treatment is often the hardest because it marks a departure from your previous life. The intake process is designed to be seamless so you can ease into rehab knowing everything is taken care of and you will feel secure. Learn more about the first day of rehab, what to expect, and how to make it through this huge step towards recovery.


The intake process usually starts with the first phone call that comes into the facility. Once you arrive on site, you will be asked lots of questions about your drug history and goals for rehab. You will also have to explain when you started using drugs or alcohol and any issues that may have been going prior to addiction. You will need to share any underlying health issues including mental health disorders that need to be addressed. Each treatment plan is tailored to suit your needs so the more information you provide the better. This is a scenario where withholding information can impact your treatment, so it is best to share as much as possible.


Once you meet with a counselor to start the intake process, you will be given a complete physical to assess your physical wellness. You will be asked to take a detox test to determine any recent drug or alcohol use. You will be required to give information about medical history and any medical issues you may have.


One of the challenging parts of intake is when people go through your belongings. You will be taken to a room where a counselor will go through your packed bag. They will check to make sure you don’t have drugs, alcohol, weapons, or other forbidden items. This includes cellphones, computers, or electronic devices which may be confiscated until you leave treatment.

Settling In

Now that you have gotten the intake process out of the way and settled into your room, chances are you will want to rest. Settling in is less about taking it easy and more about being an active participant in your own recovery. You may go through detox with support from medical staff. Once that is complete, you will be joining group meetings, individual sessions, and other activities as provided by the facility. The key is not to get too worked up over what you will experience. Even if you have gone through rehab before, each time is different, with something new to experience each time. Don’t let your anxiety, fears, worries, or other issues deter you from taking this next important step in your recovery journey.

Intake at rehab can feel scary if you are not sure what to expect. At Serenity, you are among friends and people who care about your recovery journey. We will support your journey forward. Call us to find out how we can help you including answer any questions you have about the process. Call us 24/7 at our toll-free number: 844-339-6964