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The Difference Facets of Addiction May Surprise You

The Difference Facets of Addiction May Surprise You

It is easy to want to escape reality and the world, especially because of all the bad things it seems to have in it. However, addiction to substances takes people further down, rather than helping them heal and be healthy. The different facets of addiction often surprise people, as far as how addiction starts and what it takes to get well.

Seeking Connection

Food may always be a source of escapism for some people, while for others it is sex, drugs, gambling, or other substances. It may have been a pivotal moment in childhood or as a youth that turned someone towards using substances as a way of coping with life that difficult or traumatic. It may have been mental health issues that drove a person to use drugs. Whatever it was, it often starts as a way to connect with something that provides a sense of peace and well-being, even if just for a moment. The pain goes away and it helps a person feel alive and connected to something. This form of escapism can be hard to break, until the stronghold of addiction is broken.

Addiction Ruins Lives

The merry-go-round of addiction and substance abuse can be so difficult to battle without the help of people who understand the challenges. Even if the person feels mentally and physically unwell, family may not be able to intervene unless that person really wants to get well. Hitting rock bottom is not even enough for some people, that is how strongly addiction takes hold of people’s lives. To break the chains, it takes noticing that life is not going to get better without help, and noticing that it is only getting worse with time.

Belly of the Beast

The main facet of addiction that may surprise people is that there are many pathways to recovery but they don’t all work for all people all the time. It may take multiple times to enter rehab before a person is able to recover from addiction. It may mean relapse after relapse, or it may happen once and the person is able to move forward without relapsing. The likelihood of this happening depends on so many factors. The core issues that lead to addiction need to be dealt with in order to fight back against it. This means facing fears, trauma from the past, dealing with attachment issues, and being willing to face one’s own demons in order to heal. Freedom in recovery comes from finally facing all the difficult things that a person has come up against in life to this point and realizing addiction is not the answer. The answer is within themselves, the true self, the one who knows how to take that first step, admit powerlessness over addiction, and begin the journey of recovery.

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