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The Challenge of Spiritual Bypass: How to Stop Avoiding and Embrace Acceptance

The Challenge of Spiritual Bypass: How to Stop Avoiding and Embrace Acceptance

With so many promises out there around taking this path or that path, it can feel all consuming and confusing about what it means to become rich or successful or able to get on well in life. We want to feel endlessly good, but at what expense people pursue this can be detrimental to their overall well-being. Find out some tips for avoiding the challenge of bypassing growth and learn to embrace acceptance.

What is Spiritual Bypass

When we decide to spiritually distract ourselves from our feelings, thinking we are on a healthy pathway rather than facing reality, we are experiencing spiritual bypass. It is really a defense mechanism and although it looks a lot nice than other ways of coping with hard feelings, we avoid it all the same. It can actually do great harm to ourselves and others to experiment with spiritual bypass. There is a shadow side to every positive thing we do for ourselves, including over indulgence in spiritual practices. When we practice self-care, that is a good thing. Yet, under the guise of self-care, we might just be checking out and denying what’s under all those layers.

Deeper Issues

Sometimes people want to try a spiritual practice because they think it will lead them to higher consciousness and a chance to attain what they want in life. Spiritual bypass is an equal opportunity defense mechanism that becomes a panacea to try and cure what ails us rather than look at root causes. We think the total pursuit of happiness will give us what we want.  We are not meant to rise above it all in the first place. The only way out is through is such a truism but people want to try and escape the hard stuff and focus on what we can do to feel better, happier, and more ‘aligned.’

Growth Happens

We need to remember that spiritual practice and emotional growth are not about achieving a particular feeling of ‘goodness.’ being human on a spiritual journey is not about getting cash and prizes, it is about the present moment. There is a hard space to grow into when it feels like all of the present includes negative feelings like shame, anger, loneliness, and other issues but it is worth it to embrace the good with the bad to feel more fulfilled in this life. To be present to yourself and others is to recognize the darkness inside of yourself and others and stop running away from it. Embrace it for all it is worth and find ways to work it out. Spiritual bypass will only get you so far until it catches up to you, then you will be feeling like you have nothing left and are running on empty. Reach out and ask for help before it gets to the point where you feel like you’re numbing out on spiritual practices even as you feel your life is falling apart.

Spiritual bypass can take you down hard if you try to focus on only the good stuff. Recovery is deep, hard work but it is worthwhile. Spiritual practices can help enrich your life if you know how to keep boundaries around it and focus on dealing with issues as they arise rather than numbing out. Call us 24/7 at our toll-free number to find out how we can help you move forward: 866-294-9401