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The Bottom is Where You Stop Digging

We all have a bottom. Some have a high bottom, where things didn’t get too bad. Some are in the middle, with a few problems mixed into their lives, and some have a low bottom, where they don’t think it could get any worse. Aside from addiction, they all have something in common: their bottoms could get much, much worse. If you are under the impression that nothing could come close to how bad your life was when drinking and using, you are dead wrong.

The lowest bottom of all is death. Tragically, too many of us hit that bottom, and that’s one that no one can recover from. The reason why people die from addiction is because they can’t put down the shovel. The more you dig, the deeper the hole gets. If you put down the shovel and wave the white flag, you have a fighting chance to survive this disease. All you have to do is ask for help. We know how hard it is, but it’s the only way you can get sober. Addicts and alcoholics need help, plain and simple. Those who ask for it, have a fighting chance to survive this disease.

If you think losing your job, or your overdose, DUI, or just not being able to leave the house was the worst of your disease, you are vastly mistaken. The things we think are the bottom, are just a preface of what is to come if you keeping drinking or using. There is absolutely no reason to experience anything worse than what you have already been through. It never gets better, and if you ask anyone who has relapsed, they will tell you the same thing.

The sooner you put down your shovel, the sooner you can have anything you set your mind to. There is absolutely no reason why you should find out what terrible things are in store for you. Prison is only an arms-length away for a drug addict or alcoholic, and if you keep doing what you’re doing, it will be your new home–if you don’t die in the process. If you stop digging, you can have a beautiful life, free from addiction. If this interests you, you’ve come to the right place.

At the Serenity Recovery Center, not only will we detox you safely, but you will be comfortable in the process. We can help you change your life, and all you need to do right now is call us. Don’t let your family get the dreaded phone call from the coroner. That hole is six feet under, and there’s no putting down the shovel or waving the white flag once you’re in it. You have the opportunity to get well, and now is the time. Give us a call, we are available 24/7, toll-free at 844-339-6964. You can recover, call today.