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The Biggest Addictions People Face May Not Be What You Think

The Biggest Addictions People Face May Not Be What You Think

Addiction has a face to most people. They imagine in their minds what a person with addiction looks like, and it does not always match reality. Alcohol and tobacco are two of the more lethal addictions people  have, but most individuals think of heroin or opioids when it comes to drugs addiction. Find out why alcohol and tobacco are the leading causes of death for people with addiction.

Harrowing Stats

In 2015, alcohol and tobacco use cost more than a quarter of a billion disability-adjusted life years. Illicit drugs cost tens of millions, by comparison. Heavy alcohol use was admitted by nearly 20% of people interviewed in a recent study, with 15% admitting to daily tobacco use. Amphetamine, opioid, and cocaine use came in at just around 4% of people with addiction, making it less common that people realize.

Hope Against Reality

European regions demonstrated the highest number of heavy drinkers and daily smokers above other areas. North America, by comparison, had higher rates of cannabis, opioid, and cocaine dependence. Many people lose years of their life to addiction. Disability-adjusted life years are those which are adjusted for people who experience disability or the inability to function normally due to addiction. Tobacco is a big killer, with illicit drugs falling further behind those numbers. Alcohol and cigarettes are by far the biggest, most deadly addictions out there, but there is hope.

Even in the midst of hearing about such harrowing statistics, people are finding healing and hope in recovery. More programs are available for people who wrestle with addiction to tobacco and alcohol than ever before. More insurance companies are providing some access to recovery program insurance which supports the ability for people to attend a program and receive help. While smoking and drinking are two of the most challenging addictions to kick, there are also programs available which support a person in receiving life giving care and support. No matter what the statistics say, it is important to listen to yourself and others as it regards addiction recovery. If you or someone you love needs help, don’t be afraid to reach out. There is help available that can bring hope for recovery, and recuperating those “lost years” so they turn into viable, healthy years.

Finding yourself in the midst of addiction can be a struggle because you have to admit you need help. Once you do that, you can start to move yourself up and out of the cycle and into a new journey of hope and renewal. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. In spite of what the stats say, there are human lives behind them. Your life is worth living and spending healthy and in recovery. Call us 24/7 at our toll-free number: 866-294-9401