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The 6 Ways Running Can Improve Your Life

The 6 Ways Running Can Improve Your Life

Perhaps you have gotten into a routine where you go out to eat with friends, work long hours, and stay up late. All those things add up eventually to pounds of fat in your body, stress in your life, and many other ways that lifestyle can impact how you feel. Being healthy is a holistic experience of improving mind, body, and spirit. Lots of people turn to running because it kind of hits on all those areas while helping you find healthier outlets and getting to experience nature (added bonus points). Find out the six ways running can improve your life and give a few a try.

The Edge

There is something about running that makes us want to keep going no matter what is going on in our lives. It may be a personality trait, but many people love the feel of pavement under their shoes, even if it’s just light jogging. Sometimes pushing through the pain of working in that run is like hitting a bit of an edge that feels good (and boosts mood to match). Hitting that little edge can be just what you need to push you past self-imposed limitations.


If you struggle with patience in life (who doesn’t) then give running a try. Find a small race to train for that gives you a goal, or find an app that helps you get up and move. You should never just get up off the couch and start running several miles a day, but if you work up to it, the patience will pay off.


If you have run before, you know consistency is key. If you have never run, there is a theme that runners focus on with training: take it in stride, but be consistent. When you are consistent, your body is able to hit its stride and you will feel more natural and not so beat up. After all, you want to enjoy a training run, not feel like you got your butt kicked.


When you end up achieving more than you thought possible, you can start to see results. If you get out of your own head about limitations, you can start to see where you are going and make a positive impact.


Another awesome side effect of running is meeting people outside of work or school which can make for fun conversation. Over time you’ll get to know these people and build strong relationships which can last a lifetime.

The biggest thing is to think about healthy inspiration. Focus on how you can get healthy and find what you love doing. Even if it isn’t your thing, trying something new can never be a bad thing, and it might just help improve you overall as a person.

Running and being healthy are great ways to inspire growth. If you are looking to grow and become more healthy, call us. Recovery is one step away. If you are struggling with addiction, don’t lose hope. We are here to help guide you every step of the way from detox to aftercare. Call us 24/7 at our toll-free number: 866-294-9401