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The 5 Things to Be Grateful For in Recovery

The 5 Things to Be Grateful For in Recovery

Recovery is a process that teaches you more than you can ever give back to it. When you think about gratitude, it is not some superficial attitude about feeling happy or content with life, it is deeper than that. It is about weaving gratitude into every aspect of your life. Even for the moments of challenge and difficulty. When you learn to integrate this into your life, you will experience unlimited potential in recovery.

Sober Living 101

It is hard to figure out what to feel in recovery because it seems all the feels come full tilt once the drugs and alcohol are removed. If you want to be grateful, it can be difficult to look at everything and see it all in perspective. Start with these five things and see how it goes:

You Are Enough

Maybe you spent your entire life feeling like you were not enough, or too much, for everyone around you. If you want to be accepted, be who you are. If you become okay with who you are, you learn you don’t need to change yourself for others to like you. As long as you’re true to yourself, you can be confident in being that person and that they will like you either way. This is not a reflection of your self-worth.

Learn Who You Are

It take time to figure out what makes you YOU, but you have morals, boundaries, likes, and dislikes. Now it is not covered by addiction, you can focus on figuring out what makes you tick. If you are creative, you can dive more into this identity rather than try to hide behind something you are not.

You Can Do It

By ‘it,’ that can be anything you want to do. Getting sober is no small feat, neither is fighting back (and winning) against mental health issues. If you hit rock bottom, you got up again. If you chose recovery, you chose wisely. If you chose transformation over staying where you were, you did it. Now that you’ve shown up for yourself, you can keep doing it as you move forward.

It Will Be Okay

Growing up, maybe you never felt affirmed but validation does not come from a bottle of pills or booze. You can be okay being you without all the drugs. When you learn recovery is about being okay with being you, then you finally start to move forward in life again and feel good.

It’s About Choices

You can choose to live with addiction or you can choose recovery. When you choose recovery, you choose life and not escaping. Your problems are never as big as they feel. When you can cross the bridge of addiction to sobriety, you will learn so much about yourself and how to make better choices each day to support recovery. The choice is in your hands.

If you are ready to make the choice, we are here to support you all the way. Our goal is to help you make better life choices than the ones that landed you here in the first place. We will support you one step at a time to move ahead. Call us 24/7 at our toll-free number: 866-294-9401