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The 5 Reasons Being in a Kitchen Can Help You Get Your Life Back

The 5 Reasons Being in a Kitchen Can Help You Get Your Life Back

Meal prep can feel like a big mountain for some people to overcome in recovery. For one, you don’t feel like cooking. For another, you likely don’t feel like adulting at all. There are many good reasons to get into the kitchen, but some may be surprising in how they benefit your sobriety. Even if you are not a natural chef, whipping up some food might be just the thing to get you on track.

Rest Your Brain

When you are focused on recovery with a laser-like intent, you can feel totally consumed by thoughts of fending off triggers and how to get through the day. Recovery thoughts can become overwhelming in time. Cooking provides a much-needed break for your brain. If you’re feeling exhausted, following a simple recipe may help you focus on something else for a time.

Creative Outlet

Cooking is a form of creative expression. Developing your own recipe or improving an old one takes some doing. Feel free to experiment with new foods, new methods, and new decoration ideas. Cooking is a form of creative expression for some. Why not get some juices flowing with a new pattern of thinking and being in the kitchen (if only for a moment).

Redirect Thoughts

It is easy to rehash the past and focus on the future. Cooking is an opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the moment. It’s a rich, intense experience that can help you focus on chopping, stirring, and shaping food to be a beautiful, healthy part of your life. Why not use it to help redirect your thoughts for good in recovery (and life).

Sense of Achievement

If you are an experienced cook, there’s something new for you to learn in the kitchen. When you master a new skill, it can help you recover from stress. Try new recipes, use new tools, and practice new techniques to help you achieve mastery. As you create delicious, healthy meals, you may feel good about being helpful, capable and productive.

Encourages Intentionality

Substance abuse robs you of so much in life. Don’t let it keep robbing you of enjoyment of food. You can be intentional when you make food from scratch that you cook yourself. Rather than fast-food, you can feed your body veggies and fruit you need that help build an ideal recovery. As you eat healthier, you’ll improve your mind and body to help keep recovery on track.

Getting healthy food into your body is more than just feeding your stomach, it also feeds your soul and fuels a healthy recovery. Let us help you in recovery from addiction by supporting you with resources and information needed to get clean and sober. Call us 24/7 at our toll-free number: 866-294-9401