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dangers of addiction

That Stinky Feeling May Actually Be Dangerous to Your Health

Opioids are everywhere it seems, especially if you suffer from chronic pain. Likely, many doctors have tried things to help the pain but prescribed opioids to cope. One of the downsides that it little discussed with opioid use is constipation. Some people who become addicted to painkillers may not realize this side effect can have big implications from excruciating pain to life-threatening consequences.

Risks of Opioids

The chronic constipation which occurs for users of opioids, or people with addiction to the drug, is little discussed. It can be so embarrassing people refuse to discuss it outside family yet it can be lethal if not treated. The bowels are designed to move waste to the outside of the body with ease. With overuse of opioids, it can cause a backup which may last days to even weeks. Some people rely on laxatives to make up the difference which only exacerbate some of the health issues. The fear of constipation may be so great for some people they actually get off opioids for a time to have regular bowel movements, only to start back up again or decide it is not worth it so stop altogether.

Why it Happens

Opiates are a depressant for the central nervous system which also stifles brain responses to pain. The drugs impact the body’s response by alleviating pain but also impact bowel movements, as a result by decreasing the amount of time it takes food to move through the digestive tract. The stomach can also become paralyzed, digestive secretions reduced, and the urge to defecate can be greatly decreased. People who suffer from chronic constipation while using opioids may not be able to have a bowel movement at all.

Hydration is Key

If you need to take painkillers such as opioids, make sure to stay hydrated. Reduce the amount of opiates taken and follow a physician’s prescription. Unfortunately many people fall under addiction to opiates and have less control over whether to stop than someone who merely takes some pills here and there for pain relief. The best thing to do is make sure a treating physician understands the issues happening and seek help for any addictive behaviors or issues with bowel movements to avoid a visit to the emergency room for severe cases of constipation.

Opiate addiction or addiction to other substances is difficult to admit. Don’t suffer in silence. Let Serenity Recovery Center come alongside and help you recover. We provide treatment programs and resources to support your journey to health. Call us 24/7 at our toll-free number: 844-339-6964