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Teach Your Body Love in Recovery with These 7 Tips

Teach Your Body Love in Recovery with These 7 Tips

Addiction recovery is a tough experience for anyone who goes through rehab to arrive on the other side. It is not a cure and does not take away the years of pain caused in the wake of addiction. When you learn how to love your body, you can begin to heal your mind and soul as well. Recovery is a great space to begin learning how to practice self love.

Teaching Self Love

Trauma treatment requires a specialized approach, not a one-size-fits-all model that will make you fit into a box. It also takes lots of surrender and discussion of mental health issues that linger, keeping you from feeling the love you deserve. Past trauma and adverse childhood experiences can keep you from moving forward with your life. When you look at underlying issues, the layers can be peeled back as you start to understand how to give yourself the love you deserve.

Show Yourself Love

Self-care rituals may feel strange at first, but they are a necessary part of your recovery. When you teach yourself it deserves all this love you are showing it, the abuse you inflict on it can begin to dissipate. Here are the 7 best ways to show yourself some love and try to give something back to yourself:

  • Mani-pedi. Don’t be afraid to take time to yourself at a salon and get those hands and feet feeling like a million bucks. Even guys are getting in on the trend, realizing it is a space to show up, relax, and just space out for a bit from life.
  • Brain break. If you give yourself time to rest each day, it will pay off in being more efficient later. The biggest trigger you face may be inside your brain when you push too hard. Pushing yourself past the limit can lead to relapse so give your brain ample time to rest each day.
  • Treat yourself. Spend money on yourself. Give yourself permission to get a pair of shoes, makeup or a meal at a restaurant to help heal yourself.
  • Get ritual. Find a show you love and watch an episode once or twice a week. Give up working every night for a bit of popcorn and a glass of juice or soda. Whatever it is, give yourself a little self care ritual that gets you out of the old routine.
  • Talk to a friend. Call up a friend and offer encouragement or ask for support. Having a little chat with friends can boost your mood and release frustration.
  • Sleep and recharge. Take a nap if you feel overwhelmed. Instead of trying to get one more thing done, just slow down and rest.
  • Play with animals. Whether you have a pet or volunteer with a shelter, find a way to play with pets. Walk a friend’s dog or cuddle kittens in a cafe (yes, it’s a thing), you can release some good vibes and feel better about life for a moment.

Early recovery is tough but so is long term recovery. It is all hard. You might think you have to spend time ‘making up’ for things you did in active addiction but don’t spend all your time kicking yourself. Be kind, be healthy, and most of all give yourself space for some good old fashioned self care.

Self care is so important in recovery. Let us help you recover from addiction and seek the resources you need to keep you clean and sober. Call us 24/7 at our toll-free number: 866-294-9401