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exercise in rehab

Take it Slow During Workouts in Recovery: Here’s Why

Addiction recovery is just that: a time to let your mind, body, and spirit recover from an onslaught of things that happened to you over time. While you should not rush into marathon running, starting a fitness routine may help you keep sobriety on-track and promote healing from the inside out. There are endless options no matter who you are with amazing benefits.

Benefits of Fitness

Recovery is hard work, plain and simple. Even if you’re totally committed, cutting substances out of your life is stressful. It is a new way of living, which comes with it’s own challenges. It may leave you feeling frustrated and perhaps overwhelmed which can lead to relapse. Having a healthy outlet for relieving this stress is critical. Exercise has many benefits, including:

  • Relaxation
  • De-stress
  • Cardiovascular
  • Mental health
  • Strength
  • Focus of mind, body, and spirit

Recommended Forms of Fitness

The thing you don’t want to do is put yourself in harms way by jumping into a workout routine that is not helpful for you while in early recovery. There is no ‘wrong’ way to do it. You can try whichever regimens are prescribed by your doctor as safe or try a few things on your own. The key is to go slow at first. Here are some routines to try:

  • Yoga classes are a great way to maximize benefits of exercise. It helps bring your mind, body, and soul some measure of rest. If can help you learn to calm your mind and ease anxieties. Classes are usually offered for all levels, including those in recovery from addiction.
  • Hiking does not have to start on Mt. Everest. It can be a therapeutic way to engage in exercise, get some fresh air and feel the sun on your skin for mood-boosting benefits. Recovery is about you, but addiction is a small part of your life. There is a wider world to explore now in recovery so find some people to take some short hikes with and enjoy the natural world for a release of the past (at least for a little bit).
  • Swimming is a great option for those in physical pain but it also helps your body by taking pressure of joints. It is soothing and comforting for your whole body (and fun).

Part of being healthy is also eating good foods for your body. If you are struggling with recovery, it is best to speak with a physician before changing or adding anything to your diet and exercise routine. But going for walks and spending time in nature have great healing qualities for people if you want to just take some time to get outside and breathe fresh air and relax.

Healthy habits start in rehab. If you are struggling to quit drugs or alcohol, we will help you align your goals with what you want to achieve now and in recovery. You are stronger than you realize so give yourself a chance taking that first step of seeking help for addiction. Call us 24/7 at our toll-free number: 844-339-6964