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Learn How to Bring Your Best Self to Any Relationship

Entering into relationships require a lot from us. When we bring our best selves, a positive outcome is always expected. For many reasons, people can hide or pull back from putting their best self forward because they have worries, fears, or anxieties about how they may be perceived. Who we choose to surround ourselves withRead More

5 Signs Your Friendship Might Be Ending

If you consider yourself a true-blue friend, one that will stick with people until the end, it may be pretty difficult to let go of a friendship when it ends. Continuing friendships in recovery can be a challenge but only hurt you in the long run. In an effort to revive or repair a brokenRead More

Can Holding a Grudge Be Toxic?

Even if you like to hold a grudge against someone, sometimes you have to admit that is not the best and only way to go through life. If you struggle with resentment towards a close friend or loved one, you may feel sad, angry, and other emotions that turned into bitterness, followed by resentment. AllRead More

How Do I Stop Selling Myself Short in Relationships?

Everyone who is alive on this planet has had relationships of some kind or another. They are the most difficult, and wonderful, experiences people can have. It is difficult to find people who say they have never had a bad relationship because it happens to everyone in friendship, dating, and life in general. However, thereRead More

How Can I Help a Loved One Come Back From Relapse?

Finding a way to relieve pain and suffering is nothing new for people with addiction. In fact, everyone finds coping mechanisms to deal with pain, it’s how the human mind and body cope with difficult situations. With addiction, it takes time to unlearn old habits and learn new ones that focus on positive strategies forRead More

Being Considerate of Others

Addiction is a selfish disease. No matter which way you spin it, when we are drinking and using, nothing else matters except ourselves. We may love our kids, spouse, and friends, but if it comes down to them or using, the choice is an unfortunate one. We aren’t like this when we’re sober. Most ofRead More

Why Rehab Romance Is a Bad Idea

If you have never been in treatment or are considering going, you may (or may not) be surprised to hear that relationships with other addicts or alcoholics in treatment and early recovery are strongly discouraged. There is good reasoning behind this, and it may be to your benefit to heed the advice. When we comeRead More

Detaching with Love

We have all experienced a situation or relationship in our lives where taking a few steps backwards was imperative for our own well-being and self-preservation. When you care deeply about someone, and you’ve invested a lot of your time into them and your relationship, it can be extremely difficult to walk away. If sticking aroundRead More

Does My Partner Have a Substance Abuse Problem?

He only calls me names when he’s drinking. He only yells at me when he’s high. She only hits me after she uses cocaine, but not after she uses ecstasy. Navigating a relationship is difficult in itself. Add substance abuse into the mix and things can be volatile. If your relationship sounds anything like theRead More